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See how the Office of the Inspector General sentanced Florida faudulent CDL testers to jail time.

Helpful Websites for Carriers[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]]

ETA Guidebook (book with all free forms and summary of the federal regulations)

Motor Carrier Resource Center

Carrier Information:

Federal Regulations:

URS – Unified Registration System:

Updating Registration:

Updating Operating Authority (MC number):

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) the section of the USDOT that governs trucking

Free Florida Driver License Check for carriers to be sure drivers aren’t suspended (click on “Driver Licenses & ID Cards”. It is the first option "Driver License Check & ID Tracking System"

Medical Card Entry: , click on “Driver Licenses & ID Cards”, click on "Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers" then "CDL Medical Information".

National Registry of Medical Examiners – the only people that are now able to do medical card examinations. If your provider is not on this list, they cannot perform medical card examinations any longer.

Challenge/correct an inspection report

FMCSA - Data Q's -

State questions (850) 617.3119 – Accident Data, Data Qs

Driving Records or MVRs for Driver Qualification Files:

To get an annual MVR, there are a few ways:

1. Clerk of courts sometimes offer them for a fee.


3. Online: FL MVR Serves

4. Online:

5. Contact your insurance company. Some companies will sell it to you or may provide it free but you must ask. They run them annually.

Portal account:

1. Get a PIN (personal ID number) at

2. To register for a portal account:

3. Call 800-832-5660 with any questions.

Safety Rating

Be sure to monitor your company’s safety score via the SMS (Safety Measurement System).

SMS displays all roadside inspection and compliance investigation results for the past 24 months. Your company’s performance is broken down into seven Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement categories (BASICs) and is updated once each month.

Failure to monitor your score could adversely impact your business’ profits! It is strongly recommended that you register for an account within the FMCSA Portal which will provide you with real-time access to your company information, including recent roadside inspections and traffic crashes as recent as today. Unlike the public-access SMS, you will be able to see who was behind the wheel. Additionally, you will be able to make updates to your USDOT registration (form MCS-150) as required biannually (once every 2 years) or whenever changes occur (new address, phone number, number of drivers or vehicles).

After the Safety Audit--what to expect for the remainder of your 18 month New Entrant time period:

No Texting/Talking on Cell Phone Info – Applies to EVERYONE in a CMV, both Intra and Interstate


Florida State Statute

Federal Regulation

Violations Penalties

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense

316.3025(6)(a) 49 CFR s. 392.82 Using Handheld Mobile Telephone While Driving a CMV $500 $1000 $2750

316.3025(6)(a) 49 CFR s. 392.80 Texting While Driving CMV $500 $1000 $2750

316.3025(6)(b) 49 CFR s. 392.82 Company Allowing or Requiring Driver of CMV to Use Handheld Mobile Telephone While Driving $2750 $5000 $11000

316.3025(6)(b) 49 CFR s. 392.80 Company Allowing or Requiring Driver of CMV to Text While Driving $2750 $5000 $11000

Drug/Alcohol Program help


Florida Drivers Handbook:

Florida Permit Application System:

Here is a website that allows you to create the air-mile radius for log books:

Calculating Air Miles Map

**When entering the miles, for 150 air miles, you will have to enter 172.6 miles and for 100 air-miles, you'll need to enter 115 miles. Air miles are equivalent to approximately 1.15 road miles.

Criminal Searches

Florida Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement - There are several helpful links on different pages in this section.

IFTA/International Registration Plan info:

Online IFTA/IRP filing:

Florida IFTA Trucking Manual:

Florida State Statutes - 316.302 Pertains to INTRASTATE carriers

Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement:

Motorcoach Information

Check Hazmat Registration

Hazmat Regulations